Public CoLab 2020

Architecture and Adaptation Studio - Flood - Kayleigh Colgan QUB

This year the participants of Public CoLab will explore climate crisis narratives in Belfast based on the facts of science as we know them now. It will be led by Dr. Nuala Flood and Don Duncan (Lecturer in Broadcast Production). Ten sub-themes will be investigated in ten different locations in conversation with ten external collaborators including Climate NI, Sustainable NI, the Norther Ireland Commission for Human Rights, Belfast City Council’s Chief Resilience Officer, Dr. Lucy McCarthy (QUB expert in sustainable supply chains/food production) and Dr. Qiyao Han (QUB expert in urban forest migration). This year, Public CoLab is expanding to include master’s students in Broadcast Production, who will bring specific skills in narrative collection and shaping; interviewing strategies and audio and video production to the table. Together, the participating Architecture and Broadcast Production students will collectively investigate how climate change has influenced and will influence the development of the built environment in Belfast city and its hinterland.

Public CoLab 2020 will be launched on the 13th of January at 10am in the stage 1 design studio, the David Keir Building, Queen’s University Belfast. The outcomes will be celebrated at 14.00 on 17th of January in SARC (the Sonic Arts Centre), Queen’s University Belfast.

Please come back later to see the outcomes of this exciting collaboration.